Salesforce Event Monitoring: an overview

Salesforce Event Monitoring: an overview

With Salesforce’s Event Monitoring, user activities – which are referred to as “events” – are logged in a Salesforce object named EventLogFile. Some key events that are monitored include:

– Logins
– Logouts
– URI (pages visited)
– Report exports

In total, 29 types of event are logged. (2)


Event Monitoring is a Salesforce feature that was introduced in the “Winter 15 release”; this release was deployed between November 2014 to January 2015. (1)

The login and logout event types are available in Enterprise Edition and are retained for one day.

All 29 event types are available at an additional cost with 30 day retention. (3)

Event Monitoring has a number of limitations. These include: (3)
– Event Monitoring is an API-only feature. The data is not available via the Salesforce front-end and can only be accessed via the API.
– Events are logged when an event occurs but the data only becomes available after 24 hours.
– Event data is only retained for 30 days.

For Event Monitoring information to be usable by most administrators, you’ll either need to (a) procure an app that makes the data accessible to administrators; or (b) perform custom development to make the data available in a usable format. Whilst there are tools that allow the data to be downloaded by administrators, (e.g. the Workbench, the Event Log File Browser), these (i) are not officially supported, (ii) require advanced administration skills and (iii) extract raw data which is not in an easy to use format. At the time of writing, Salesforce signposts users to the following apps: (4)

– Admin Analytics App for Wave (Pilot)
– Splunk App for Salesforce
– CloudLock and CloudLock Viewer
– ezCloudAudit
– SkyHigh Networks
– FairWarning
– New Relic Insights
– Palerra

Good to know

Salesforce Event Monitoring is not real-time. Event data will always be 24 hours old.


I couldn’t find a pithy summary of what the feature does or how you could actually use it. After several clients asked me about it in the space of a few months, I decided to write it up and here we are…


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