The author is a Salesforce Consultant and Developer who has been working on the platform since 2009. Prior to that (and sometimes, in tandem) he’s developed with PHP (no comment), programmed in C# (to the extent that such an unseemly endeavour is possible), wrestled with Drupal (note the use of SquareSpace / WordPress here), been a SQL Sever DBA (something, something, dark side) and done five years at a large consulting firm.

When he is not engaging in highly theoretical musings about Boyce-Codd normal form (yes, he’s one of those people), coveting the Carbon Black System (yes, he’s one of those people), being incredibly rude about “Silicon Valley types” (to whom he owes his living), over-using em dashes (unlike here, where he’s over-using brackets) or posting random musings on this site, he can be found engaging in his two favourite hobbies: sleeping and eating (though not simultaneously but if you figure out how to do that, I’d like to subscribe to your newsletter).

Oh, and if you’re wondering why there aren’t any comments on the posts here it’s because (a) this is not a blog and (b) Seth Godin said so.